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  • Rhodessa Bell

    You can call me...: Rhodessa:)
    Hometown: Hawkins TX
    Day Job: Dance Instructor/Choreographer
    Favorite Diva: Rhianna
    Favorite Music Video: Cold Hearted Snake
    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Quesadillas!
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Loose crop top comfy bottoms
    Dancefloor Jam: Word up- Cameo..Oldie but Goodie
    Fave Beauty Product: Mascara
    A Secret...: I am NOT a Beyonce fan and I can't tell many people that lol
    Personal Mantra: can't stop won't stop
    My Hashtag Is: #positivity
  • Heather Gream

    You can call me... Heather
    Hometown: Dallas, TX
    Day Job: Dance Educator
    Favorite Diva: Shelia Kelley
    Favorite Emoji: upside down smiley face
    Favorite Cocktail: Pink champagne
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Tight, black, black, tight...
    Dancefloor Jam: Currently..."Show It To Me"- By: Nightclub
    Fave Beauty Product: Pore Blur - Revolution
    A Secret... I am also an aerialist
    Personal Mantra: "don't dream it, BE IT!"
    My Hashtag Is: #keepitpositive
  • Jenn Eze*

    Favorite Diva
    Favorite Music Video
    Too many to name!
    If I was a cereal, I would be...
    Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    Dancefloor Jam
    Anything that let's make shake a lil' sum' and sweat!
    A Secret...
    I used to dance in the mirror to my CD player growing up! And when I say "dance" I mean all out choreography! And "5,6,7,8" type of stuff!
    My life motto
    "Today is a good day. Something good will happen to me and something good will happen through me."
  • Julia Gordon**

    You can call me...Julia
    Hometown: Commack, NY
    Day Job: Graphic Designer at Buff City Soap
    Favorite Diva: Debbie Harry
    Favorite Music Video: Telephone by Lady Gaga ft Beyonce
    Favorite Food: Chicken Wings
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: My MC Hammer pants!
    Dancefloor Jam: Get Outta Your Mind
    Fave Beauty Product: L'Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara
    Personal Mantra: Work Hard but Have Fun
    My Hashtag Is: #GetHype
  • Kendra Perry

    You can call me... Kendra
    Hometown... Dallas
    Day Job... Teacher
    Favorite Diva... Beyonce
    Favorite Music Video... Rhythm Nation
    Favorite Emoji...laughing
    Favorite Food or Cocktail... Mexican Food/Margaritas
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In... black leather leggings and heels, or body con dress
    Dancefloor Jam... Anything with a good, hard beat
    Fave Beauty Product... foundation
    A Secret...I enjoy watching Chinese and Korean Dramas
    Personal Mantra... You Got This
    My Hashtag Is... #yougotthis